Peer-Reviewed Publications

Wynn, Alison T. and Aliya Rao. "Failures of Flexibility: How Perceived Control Motivates the Individualization of Work-Life Conflict." Forthcoming, ILR Review.

Wynn, Alison T. 2018. "Misery Has Company: The Shared Emotional Consequences of Everwork Among Women and Men.Sociological Forum 33(3): 712-734.

Wynn, Alison T. and Shelley J. Correll. 2018. "Puncturing the Pipeline: Do Technology Companies Alienate Women in Recruiting Sessions?Social Studies of Science 48(1): 149-164. 

In press: WIREDInc., Insights by Stanford Business, and Fast Company.

Wynn, Alison T., Magali Fassiotto, Caroline Simard, Jennifer Raymond, and Hannah Valantine. 2018. "Pulled in Too Many Directions: The Causes and Consequences of Work-Work Conflict.Sociological Perspectives 61(5): 830-849.

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Under Review

Wynn, Alison T. "Pathways Toward Change: How Ideologies About Inequality Shape the Implementation of Gender Equality in a Silicon Valley Technology Company." Revise and Resubmit, Gender & Society.

Wynn, Alison T. "Change Without an Agent: What Happens When Change Agents Leave?" Under review.

Correll, Shelley, Katherine Weisshaar, Alison Wynn, and JoAnne Wehner. "Inside the Black Box of Organizational Life: The Gendered Language of Performance Assessment." Revise and Resubmit, American Sociological Review.

Working Papers

Wynn, Alison T. “Human Resources Professionals’ Approaches to Gender Equality Change in a Silicon Valley Technology Company.”

Wynn, Alison T. "The 'Optics' of Work Hours: Appearance Management and the Perversion of the Protestant Ethic." 

Wynn, Alison T. and Emily Carian. "High-Hanging Fruit: How Gender Bias Remains Entrenched in Performance Evaluations."

Kilanski, Kristine and Alison Wynn. "Performance Reviews as Products of Managerial Negotiation."