Research Projects

This project is a year-long case study of a Silicon Valley technology company implementing a gender equality initiative. I conducted 50 interviews with high-level executives, observed 80 company meetings, and gathered demographic data from each department. In a recently published article, I analyze how executives’ ideologies about inequality shape the change efforts they choose to implement.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Culture of Technology

Together with Dr. Shelley Correll, I examine the culture of the technology industry and its impact on gender inequality. In two recently published articles, we analyze how technology companies present themselves when recruiting potential candidates, as well as how employees working in tech companies feel they align with the prevailing culture.

Flexibility Programs

Using 74 interviews with management consultants and academic physicians, I explore the challenges of designing and implementing successful flexibility programs. In a recently published article, I study how employees respond to extreme work environments differently based on gender and parental status. In another article co-authored with Dr. Aliya Hamid Rao, we investigate why employees avoid using existing flexibility programs.

Gender & Advancement

In one published article, I use survey data to examine how gender and parenthood affect perceived chances of promotion.

In my ongoing research with the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab, I also analyze gender biases in performance evaluations. We investigate whether men and women are described differently in evaluations, as well as whether those descriptions are rewarded differently in the ratings assigned to employees. We then test interventions designed to reduce bias in the performance management process.